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September 7, 2018 by Task2Bill
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The success of any website, application or product solution – centres on one primary thing: how users perceive it?

No matter how progressive web applications have become, at the end of the day, it’s the users who finally make or break a product users provide.

Users rule the industry today: Users expect great and unique experiences that solve their business purposes. A poor experience can cost a loss in business development.

Task2Bill, a project and billing management tool, provides solutions with end-to-end functionalities available in one platform – giving users a unique experience.

Task2Bill considers the ease of use, value of the system, utility, efficiency in performing tasks and more – to provide the best user experience.

The real-life user experience

Richard Smith, Senior Project Manager, started using Task2Bill for managing multiple projects for clients of the organization he works with.

In the initial days of usage, Richard had these questions in mind –

“Will Task2Bill be easy to use?”

““Will Task2Bill make the journey of my team easier?””

As Richard and his team proceeded to use Task2Bill, they had an excellent user experience while handling client projects and tasks.

How Task2Bill gives the best user experience?

  • Provides simplicity of usage from start to end
  • Delivers a smooth flow of the application
  • Move through each and every section within a few clicks
  • View and use the features from a single page
  • Quick loading of page saves time
  • Multi-panel view of the application on one screen
  • Ease of usage on mobile devices with hassle free visibility
  • Graphic representations for visual understanding
  • Multi-colour themes for prominent viewing
  • Instruction and tools visibility
  • User friendly text readability
  • Innovative input control for quick data entry
  • View of the customized dashboard
  • Kanban Board view

The excelling user experience makes Task2Bill a much recommended tool for global customers. More and more business organizations use the tool for its flexibility and user friendly features.


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