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05-Sep-2018 by Task2Bill

Task2Bill adds more feathers to their cap with the “Great User Experience” and “Rising Star” award in 2018 by FinancesOnline, a leading platform for B2B & SaaS solutions.

A great achievement and a moment for celebration for Task2Bill indeed!

The platform help millions of users annually t...

01-Sep-2018 by Task2Bill

Task2Bill Earns 2 Shiny Project Management Software Titles from a Distinguished Platform for Software Reviews.

At Task2Bill, we go above and beyond to provide our customers with a robust end-to-end project management solution. The business software experts from FinancesOnline experienced just that when they conducted a review of our plat...

31-Aug-2018 by Task2Bill

Well, now that all your hard work is over, the long hours of tedious tasks completed, the nitty-gritty of the clients project attended to, delivered on time, signed and sealed - it is time to close the project.

Your client has even said "Brilliant" after receiving all the requisites from you to run their project successfully. Bin...

15-Feb-2019 by Task2Bill

Task2Bill Recognized with 2 Industry Awards for Online Project Management Software.

The team at Task2Bill takes pride in providing customers everywhere with a top-class project management solution to simplify their business needs. We just bagged 2 industry awards and we believe this is a testament to the platform’s reliability.

22-Jan-2019 by Task2Bill

Winning ahead of traditional systems

In today’s fast changing business scenario, agile methodology is gaining popularity due to the demand for a faster and more responsive project life-cycle time and successful delivery.

The agile methodology has emerged as a great alternative for traditional project management...

Quotes from Task2Bill desk for 2019

01-Jan-2019 by Task2Bill

14-Dec-2018 by Task2Bill

Project Management is a constantly growing and evolving area of business globally. New methods, approaches and solutions are being adopted by organizations all over the world to run projects in a more advanced and sustainable manner.

Progressive project management software’s like Task2Bill implement new features constantly to stay ahea...

03-Dec-2018 by Task2Bill

Today’s software industry is one of the fastest growing and evolving industries where companies have to move fast and keep ahead of others to exist in the market. Any business organization must embrace change, remain adaptable and agile for successful development.

The competition, domestic and international is tough, and business organ...

23-Nov-2018 by Task2Bill

Organizations often face with risks due to unexpected issues and challenges. When competition is all around the corner, organizations cannot afford to lose out on business at any cost.

Risks are a part of the business journey and need to be controlled in time to save organizations falling flat on their face due to any disaster.


08-Nov-2018 by Task2Bill

A project will face several hurdles if the quality standards are not maintained and the features are not tested before making it live. During each project phase, effective testing has to be performed that is bug-free, fast and feasible.

Here is where the role of an auditor comes to action.

06-Nov-2018 by Task2Bill

Comparison of task2bill with basecamp, asana, trello, projecthub

02-Nov-2018 by Task2Bill

It’s time to set the ball rolling to start your business project. Well, it’s also time to bring your team together for a project kick-off that will set the course and tone for a successful project and partnership.

So how would you go about the right project kick-off?

A kick-off meeting definitely!


31-Oct-2018 by Task2Bill

The projects of every business bring along with it multiple, multi-faceted actions to the table of the organization. A table full of projects with several tasks can only add to the clutter if things are not systemized and maintained with clarity.

Projects, complex or small, have multiple functions to be executed in order to deliver proje...

22-Oct-2018 by Task2Bill

In the fast moving and changing business scenario all over the world, users always prefer to remain transparent over others while providing any type of services.

For any business organization that handles multiple projects for different clients globally, having an effective to-do-list helps to remain organized and clearly track the work ...

11-Oct-2018 by Task2Bill

Task2Bill is proud to announce its participation in the 38th GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK from the 14th - 18th October, 2018 to be held in the Dubai World Trade Centre, the biggest technology show in MENA and South Asia.

Task2Bill steps ahead to explore business expansion opportunities, showcasing the skills of the project and...

11-Oct-2018 by Task2Bill

Successful teams are those that are motivated to reach the project goals and objectives accurately on time.

Project management systems consists of large scale responsibilities and the pressure can get baffling at times. Successful achievements for projects are reasons good enough to celebrate and keep the team going.

Team effort ...

08-Oct-2018 by Task2Bill

One of the most pivotal aspects for any project is to have an effective time management system. Time is a significant factor that cannot be wasted in the ever changing and competitive market.

Business organizations have multiple projects on their platter and without a workable time management system - the execution process can go haywire...

05-Oct-2018 by Task2Bill

Business organizations are ever evolving, growing and adapting to the constant changes in the industry. Organizations need to deal with increasingly complex systems in the most flexible and user-friendly manner.

Managing remote projects, maintaining a strong level of communications with stakeholders, keeping tasks in control, monitoring ...

02-Oct-2018 by Task2Bill

In the ever changing business scenario, today’s project managers need to take care of a huge list of responsibilities and projects in a fast and user-friendly manner. They need to be abreast of new developments in the field on a constant basis.

Project managers have multiple roles to play effectively and fruitfully. They need to be foc...

28-Sep-2018 by Task2Bill

Projects are what makes business organizations going. While users have a planned framework to execute projects for successful delivery, there are always tricks that come as an added bonus for the same.

27-Sep-2018 by Task2Bill

“Setbacks are opportunities to perform at a new level.”

Each project that a business organization undertakes needs to have a workable and effective plan for execution and implementation.

No organization would want to miss out on a good business association due to any setback on their behalf. The more users avoid set...

24-Sep-2018 by Task2Bill

Good planning is the foundation of success for almost any project. - Jude Bijou

Business organization have multiple projects on their platter, which they need to deliver successfully in time. All projects should be planned for proper and successful execution and delivery.

Project planning gives a bigger view of ev...

20-Sep-2018 by Task2Bill

When you have multiple projects on your platter, the best way to manage them is by using a project management tool that aims at delivering projects in a timely and successful manner.

Project prioritization is of utmost importance when it comes to managing multiple projects that needs to be delivered in a timely and successful manner.

13-Sep-2018 by Task2Bill

The effectiveness and efficiency of any project depends on multiple aspects that combine to make it successful.

Just as every project has important lessons to teach, they also give developmental opportunities for and within the organization.

Task2Bill, a project and billing management tool, has given amazing user experience due t...

07-Sep-2018 by Task2Bill

The success of any website, application or product solution - centres on one primary thing: how users perceive it?

No matter how progressive web applications have become, at the end of the day, it’s the users who finally make or break a product users provide.

Users rule the industry today: Us...

04-Sep-2018 by Task2Bill

"Winning is about having the whole team on the same page" - Bill Walton

The team for Task2Bill goes way ahead of others with the project management and invoicing tool that is unique in its own way.

Employees having a variety of expertise, working together towards a comm...

31-Aug-2018 by Task2Bill

The service provider needs to assure that the project they have taken up will be completed and delivered without any issues.

So how do you go about it?

A project audit determines the status of work performed on a project and tests all its components for successful delivery.

First and foremost, the ...

30-Aug-2018 by Task2Bill

Which customer would not prefer to use a single interface to ease out the control of their business projects and tasks?

None, we are sure.

Kanban Board, is such a single interface that is broadly used by customers for the easy management of their tasks.

24-Aug-2018 by Task2Bill

"Every collaboration helps you grow." - Brian Eno

Any big or small size business organization needs their employees to be connected for working together in a project and deliver it successfully. In order to remain connected, each and every team member needs to collaborate.

Where collaboration is needed to i...

12-Jul-2018 by Task2Bill

Getting paid in time leads to less workload and following up on invoices takes time and resources.

However, manual errors happen frequently while dealing with recording the billing and invoicing systems of an organizations.

Common errors such as entering incorrect billing information; repetitions of entries; maintaining manual ba...

06-Jun-2018 by Task2Bill

The ideal scenario for any business growth would need a rate chart for the time and materials offered to customers.

Set your rate charts with TASK2BILL

Task2Bill, a unique project management tool, enables you to introduce rate charts for Time and Material to reach the desired goals.

Task2Bill gives you the facility to mai...

09-May-2018 by Task2Bill

Milestones are used to reach the desired goals for the effective implementation of multiple and varied projects in an organization.

Advantage Task2Bill:

Task2Bill offers a flexible feature of managing project milestones for the respective task groups and payments.

The feature comes with the advantage of monitoring the pro...

10-Apr-2018 by Task2Bill

As you sit across the table to negotiate quotations with your clients, you give them room to broaden the prospects of the projects for their business.

Task2Bill offers you the advantage of striking a good and effective deal with your client by negotiating on the quotations given to them.

06-Mar-2018 by Task2Bill

Meetings are vital for any successful implementation of plans for the business organizations.

Without co-ordination and communication, it is next to impossible for a project to succeed.

Manual information passed on to employees for meetings can lead to confusion, missing out on the meeting dates or even cancelling the meeting.

14-Feb-2018 by Task2Bill

Have you ever been through the tedious process of manually importing tasks for projects one at a time?

The manual process of updating data hinders progress and increases the scope for error in any business.
Any project has multiple tasks and the best way to manage it would be to import it to a project management tool that ensures er...

09-Jan-2018 by Task2Bill

Business environments are changing constantly. The goals and objectives of any business enterprise and project keeps evolving with the aim of adopting the latest technologies and strategies.

15-Dec-2017 by Task2Bill

The need-of-the-hour for cloud storage has evolved largely with time. The ever-increasing volumes of data requires regular tracking and update on a constant basis and needs to be stored and synced in secure places.

Manual storage methods often lead to the loss of data, are prone to having errors and have space constraints.  

08-Nov-2017 by Task2Bill

For each business to succeed, it is important to keep the payments moving.

Adjusting payments for project tasks according to the generated invoice initiates the smooth functioning of the project and the payment process.  

A unique project management tool, Task2Bill offers comprehensive and robust methods to adjust payments w...