Comparison of Task2Bill with Basecamp, Asana, Trello, Projecthub

November 6, 2018 by Task2Bill
Features Task2Bill Basecamp Asana Trello ProjectHub
Description Task2Bill is web-based end-to-end project management and accounting tool with best UX and team collaborable Basecamp is web-based project management and collaboration tool Asana is web-based project management and collaboration tool with good UX Trello is web-based collaboration tool with Kanban like view Basecamp is web-based project management and collaboration tool with scrum support
SAAS based
Task Management
To-Do list
Project Phases
Payment milestones
Change priorities, resource, due date, Status of tasks
Self assigning by resources
Planing Tasks or Posting issues Posting issues Posting issues
Kanban Support
Scrum Support
Gantt Chart Support
Customizable user roles
Allocate tester/auditor for QA
File & document Sharing
File Versioning
Time tracking
Standard Calendar & set meeting
3rd party Meeting method Integration
Email based reply
Instant Notifications Email Alert
Desktop Notification
Slack Notification
Email Alert Email Alert Email Alert Email Alert
Mobile Push
Online Chat
External file drives management in one place
Collect Billable Items in one click
Manage Rate Chart for Time&Materials
Manage different Rate Chart for different Clients
Negotiation with Quotation workflow
Negotiation for Change Request workflow
Invoice Management
Generate Invoices from different billable items
Schedule & Recurring Invoices
Online payment by client for invoice
Payment Management
Manage Expences
Integration with Quickbook
User experience
Intuitive & Blazing Fast Good & Fast Good & Fast Good
Mobile-friendly display on all mobile devices Best Mobile view
Multi-color theme
Mobile App (iOS/Andriod)
Support Knowledge base
Free Support Ticket
Online Chat
Knowledge base
Twitter help
Knowledge base
Knowledge base Knowledge base
Price 1) Free for 20 users and 2 projects
2) $15 for 50 users and 10 projects
3) $25 for 100 users and 50 projects
4) $50 for 200 users and 100 projects
1) 10 active projects $20 per month
2) 40 active projects $50 per month
1) Free: 15 members
2) Premium $10 per member per month
1) Free
2) Business Class $10 per user per month

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