10 key takeaways from Task2Bill

September 13, 2018 by Task2Bill

The effectiveness and efficiency of any project depends on multiple aspects that combine to make it successful.

Just as every project has important lessons to teach, they also give developmental opportunities for and within the organization.

Task2Bill, a project and billing management tool, has given amazing user experience due to its unique takeaways like the facility to streamline, modify or implement innovations for projects, amongst others.

Prioritising on tasks that need to be done by remaining flexible have added value to the tool, making it more user-friendly and recommended by many across the globe.

As users adopt and implement Task2Bill features for their clients in the right way, it offers significant benefits to the organization and its employees.

Teams progress through a specific series of stages in order to successfully complete a project, which have made the tool a preferred one for all.

Let’s look at 10 key takeaways from Task2Bill that gives users a successful experience:

1. Manage projects and tasks
  • Task2Bill helps users integrate projects, tasks and teams in one place suitable for any workflow.
  • It allows users to layout plans ahead, set priorities and track projects from simple dashboard to Kanban boards.
  • It allows users to view and track tasks, make real-time team collaboration, time tracking, and get project analytics in one platform.
2. Change request managements
  • Users can make change requests on the basis of the assigned tasks and the allotted time by users.
  • These requests can be made for the additional hours or time needed for completion of the tasks.
  • These requests for changes can be approved either through Self-Approval without billing or a negotiation process.
3. Quick invoicing from billable items
  • The Master Rate Chart can be customized based on the materials/ services provided to clients for multiple project tasks in different currencies.
  • Users can generate and send invoices as soon as they have completed a task or provided a service. Auto-generated invoices can be set on a weekly, monthly, yearly interval on a recurring basis.
  • Task2Bill presents one single interface to view all billable items grouped by different projects within a chosen time period. From here, it is just one click away to generate an invoice.
4. Customized rate charts
  • Users can introduce rate charts for the time and material for their clients which are customized based on multiple currencies and time.
  • The rate chart for time and material gives the opportunity to get visible result of the work at each stage.
  • Rate charts are also negotiated based on the time or man hours and the materials for projects, which is beneficial for the users.
5. Negotiation with clients
  • Negotiation helps in forming long term relationships where both the user and their client can work together to generate project and payment solutions.
  • Users can negotiate flexibly with clients for requesting changes on the basis of the task and time changes of the project.
  • Task2Bill comprises of a price negotiation feature that gives users the advantage of striking a good and effective deal with clients.
6. Managing project milestones
  • In Task2Bill, users assign tasks with set milestones to employees and give them a deadline to complete it.
  • In addition to keeping project team members informed about the project status, managing project milestones enables users to determine payments for task groups according to the assigned tasks.
  • Users can mark key milestones for each task group which further helps the team to stay on track.
7. One interface to check payment status
  • Task2Bill is a single interface that allows users to check the costing and billing for any particular project.
  • With this feature, users can track the status of payments made, due payments and the adjusted amounts wherever applicable.
  • Users can track the payment terms and status with ease from one single platform.
8. Payment adjustments with invoices
  • Users can make payment adjustments with the invoices they send to their clients based on the services they offer.
  • Users can give the customer a discount on the invoice if client makes the payment within due date.
  • In cases of balance amounts, it can be adjusted with upcoming invoices from the users end.
9. Task reports for employees
  • Task reports enables users to enhance efficiency at the individual and group levels.
  • All stored files, discussions and tasks pertaining to that project can be accessed by team members who are involved with the project.
  • Time spent on each task within the project can be tracked, further enabling to follow up on the pending tasks for successful completion.
10. Escalate performance with collaboration
  • Users track the entire work progress of a project through collaboration modes in Task2Bill. Users can track time, meeting dates, appointments and set reminders for upcoming events and stay connected on the same page.
  • Users can sync events with Google Calendar, Yahoo and Outlook apart from using the Task2Bill standard calendar to collaborate, save time and be more organized for projects.
  • Users enable seamless collaboration by integrating with online meeting platforms like GoToMeeting, Join Me, Zoho and Zoom.

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