Focus on change request management – The need-of-the-hour

January 9, 2018 by Task2Bill
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Business environments are changing constantly. The goals and objectives of any business enterprise and project keeps evolving with the aim of adopting the latest technologies and strategies.

Change is the only constant

A change request is made by the client to make alterations in the project tasks and requirements, which may not have been planned at the onset of a project or a task.

In such situations, it is important to address the needs of the client to implement the changes.

Change requests made easier by TASK2BILL

Every client needs to have a compact and robust project management tool. TASK2BILL not only facilitates delegation but also accommodates change requests for the successful completion of a project.

6 benefits of Change Request in Task2Bill:

  • Change requests are made on the basis of the assigned tasks and the allotted time given.
  • Change Requests can also be made for the additional hours or time needed for completion of the tasks.
  • Change requests are approved either through Self-Approval without billing or Negotiation process.
  • For negotiations, the clients and tenants need to discuss the required changes, analyse them and work upon implementing them.
  • For Self-Approval the clients have the advantage of approving the change by themselves which does not affect the budget of the project. If self-approval is not applicable, then the change request can be based on the billing approval.
  • The execution of making changes for the tasks leaves room for a change in the pricing of the project change as a whole or an hourly basis, depending on the intensity of the change request.


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