7 proven steps to avoid project setbacks

September 27, 2018 by Task2Bill

“Setbacks are opportunities to perform at a new level.”

Each project that a business organization undertakes needs to have a workable and effective plan for execution and implementation.

No organization would want to miss out on a good business association due to any setback on their behalf. The more users avoid setbacks, the more likely are they to be popular and operative with clients.

Avoiding setbacks also adds to the credentials of a business organization, creating a goodwill for them in the industry.

Overcoming project setbacks:

An effective Project Management solution enables project managers and other stakeholders to take care of projects, resources, deadlines, budgets, communication, foresee potential risks and work upon ways to avoid them.

Project setbacks can occur due to multiple reasons that hamper the progress of the overall project.

To avoid any issues that act as a hindrance for the project flow, it is always wise to make realistic plans and implement them to achieve quality results.

Implement these proven 6 steps to avoid project setbacks to stay ahead of the league:

  1. Transparency is the key: Giving room for transparency from the inception of any project allows clear visibility of the work progress. It helps organizations meet project goals and objectives on time and avoid any setbacks.
    With transparency, teams can collaborate and collectively work towards a specific direction and plan by maintaining clarity on project deliverables.
    Transparency enables the clear sharing of information across different members of the team, keeping everyone flexible and on the same page.
  2. Set realistic deadlines: Setting realistic project deadlines for each task in a project with a proper plan helps focus on the deliverables on time.
    A realistic timeline for projects leaves room for scheduling the framework throughout the project progress.
    It further helps to design, build, and test the tasks in the project stages thus delivering as per the deadline.
    By focussing on the time, cost and scope of the project deadlines, it is easier to avoid any setback related to these issues.
  3. Get the right team skills: A setback can easily be avoided when users have the rightly skilled team members to meet the challenges and perform assigned tasks.
    Each task demands a certain level of knowledge and expertise, which can be implemented effectively with teams armed with the requisite skills.
    By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the team members, users can assign tasks to employees with the right skills.
    The core set of skills needed to accomplish tasks can deliver projects on time successfully, thus avoiding any setback.
  4. The right communication: There is no denial that the key to any success in business organizations is right communication. Communication is a continuous process maintained between project participants and other key decision makers to avoid any setbacks.
    Proper communication flow help users and other stakeholders remain connected and informed about any updates related to tasks.
    Implementing a centralized project management software solution like Task2Bill is the need of the hour for employees and stakeholders to stay connected working from different parts of the globe.
    Users can use the collaboration feature to ensure that project members are updated on the development stages of projects.
  5. Inspect to assure quality delivery: Setbacks can be best avoided when users assure that the project is completed and delivered without any issues. The auditor or tester is the person who assures the quality of tasks before it is delivered.
    A project audit determines the status of the work performed on a project and tests all its components for successful delivery, testing the reliability and performance of the task.
    The auditor keeps the testing phases organized and on schedule throughout the entire project, thus keeping setbacks at bay.
  6. Use the apt framework for effective project management: All business organizations, be it large or small, have numerous projects, plans, tasks, and associated people in it.
    All projects vary and have differing requirements according to the type, size, industry, and many other factors.
    Consider factors like organizational goals, objectives, values, project objectives and constraints, the stakeholders involved, size and the cost of the project, risks involved and the need for flexibility which choosing the right framework for project management.
    Using a project and billing management software like Task2Bill can help users plan better and keep the project information and workflow under one roof, avoiding setbacks that come in the way.
  7. Moving ahead of time: To remain calm during a setback and to move ahead with confidence gives users the opportunity to stay ahead of others.
    Focus on each challenge that may come in the path and find ways to deal with them effectively ensures the creditability users deserve.
    This enables users to helm project management successfully, by avoiding setbacks with proper planning and overcoming them.

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