5 Top Project Management Trends for 2019

December 14, 2018 by Task2Bill
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Project Management is a constantly growing and evolving area of business globally. New methods, approaches and solutions are being adopted by organizations all over the world to run projects in a more advanced and sustainable manner.

Progressive project management software’s like Task2Bill implement new features constantly to stay ahead of the league and deliver to their best. With ever changing project environments, project managers make better choices and decisions about how best to run their projects successfully.

Task2Bill shares the top 5 trends that will rule big in 2019

  1. Agile and Kanban Methodologies will make breakthroughs

    With constant changes in project environments, Agile and Kanban methodologies are gaining more popularity for effective project management. More organizations are adopting the Agile and Kanban methodologies to achieve the most feasible project management process.
    The Agile and Kanban methodology focuses on transparency, ease in project tracking, effective communication and more features that will continue to add more value to projects in the coming year. These convenient methodologies are increasingly being integrated for a more structured project management environment.

  2. The need of remote teams will grow

    Reports show that 70% of the world’s workers work remotely. Remote working is becoming more common around the globe with the changing dynamics of project management needs. This predicts that more project managers will adopt to the requirement of remote teams in 2019. Technology makes collaboration and coordination easier with teams spread across in different countries, following a different time zone, enabling more organizations to embrace remote teams efficiently.

  3. Integrating abilities of project management software

    Project management software’s are becoming more integrated with time and will evolve more in future. Project management tools become simpler to use with its integration with other services, enabling time saving facilities and enhanced project delivery. In the coming year, more project management software’s will integrate with other tools for successful project management processes.

  4. Digitization and real-time metrics

    Cloud technology enables the gathering of data and updates on a real-time basis and the digitization enables collaboration during the project life-cycle. Project managers will continue to leverage project analytics and metrics to make informed decisions and lead projects in a well-designed and systematic manner.
    This trend will grow this year with the use of more cloud-based software’s to manage projects. Project management tools embrace cloud digitization with grace as real-time inputs and analytics have proved to improve project accuracy and optimization.

  5. Demand for competent project managers will be on the rise

    The demand for efficient and skilled project managers will be on the rise in 2019. With time, more companies are hiring project managers who apart from having an in-depth knowledge on project management, also possess soft skills like emotional intelligence.
    Project managers, who can resolve people-related issues, maintain team dynamics, implement conflict management will be more in demand for organizations. The project manager will not only need to have the technical expertise, but will need to have skills to work upon ways to develop positive and constructive teams.


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