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March 6, 2018 by Task2Bill
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Meetings are vital for any successful implementation of plans for the business organizations.

Without co-ordination and communication, it is next to impossible for a project to succeed.

Manual information passed on to employees for meetings can lead to confusion, missing out on the meeting dates or even cancelling the meeting.

Today’s fast paced business environment demands the need for a platform from where you can organize meetings seamlessly.

Task2Bill provides integration with online meeting platforms like GoToMeeting, Join Me, Zoho and Zoom. These web meeting and conference platforms have revolutionized communications for companies and organizations over the time.

It provides you a single platform to send invitations for organizing and integrating meetings without any hassle.

Through effective integration with these platforms, clients can connect with others, set meetings, give/get confirmations and re-schedule meeting request if required. Each meeting update is followed with email alerts being sent across to all members included in the meeting.

Invitation for meetings helps you to stick to schedules, is cost effective and involves a greater number of participants.


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