7 Auditor checklists to ensure project quality

November 8, 2018 by Task2Bill
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A project will face several hurdles if the quality standards are not maintained and the features are not tested before making it live. During each project phase, effective testing has to be performed that is bug-free, fast and feasible.

Here is where the role of an auditor comes to action.

7 checklists for auditors to ensure quality in projects:

  1. The auditor evaluates and tests every task once it is executed and checks if all the standards are maintained for its successful implementation. Project auditors need to perform task checking to examine the task functionality and to address the problems if any.
  2. The auditor play an important role to identify and determine any issues, challenges and opportunities of the executed task. The auditor also needs to develop solutions to solve the problems the team might encounter after performing a task. The auditor needs to be prompt in addressing issues and assuring the completion of the project that is compliant with quality standards.
  3. The auditor, after performing the test, re-opens the task after finding the error. The team for the assigned task needs to solve the issue within the given time-frame and submit it. The auditor monitors the tasks executed to make the tool totally functional from scratch. The auditor ensures that the quality of each feature is tested and executed through every phase of the project.
  4. The auditor evaluates, periodically, the overall project performance to ensure that the project meets all relevant standards. Apart from the overall testing, the auditor also performs the testing of tasks in stages during the progress of the project.
  5. By having a process checklist in the project plan, the auditor ensures that the quality of the project deliverables are aligned with the requirement of the client. The auditor does a quality performance to ensure that appropriate procedures are implemented within the project.
  6. The auditor needs to possess the knowledge and should be well conversant with the techniques for conducting the testing each task that will make the project successful. The auditor needs to convey the testing results in a detailed, clear and concise manner so that the team or the individual who has performed the task can understand the issue and work upon a solution.
  7. The auditor must adhere to the time scheduled for the task completion. The team that is working upon a task updates it to the auditor to resolve it. Once the auditor resolves the task and ensures it meets the requirements, gives the approval to make it functional. The auditor ensures that actions needed for a task checking are completed within the deadline to deliver a successful project.

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