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August 24, 2018 by Task2Bill
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“Every collaboration helps you grow.” – Brian Eno

Any big or small size business organization needs their employees to be connected for working together in a project and deliver it successfully. In order to remain connected, each and every team member needs to collaborate.

Where collaboration is needed to improve the quality of projects and achieve timely completion, Task2Bill is one platform providing easy collaboration tool features.

Collaboration tools are an excellent way for team members to work together to reach a common goal. Task2Bill enables you and your team to collaborate in an easier way using the following features:

  • Use the calendar to mark important dates
  • Sync records with Google calendar, Outlook
  • Get pop-up, desktop and Slack notifications
  • Keep track of time, dates for meetings, appointments and set reminders
  • Email Notifications for every actions can be configured through automized email alerts
  • Reply via emails for alerts/ notifications
  • Messaging for tasks and quotations
  • Create and share meeting link in Gotomeeting, JoinMe, Zoom and Zoho

Collaboration through Task2Bill allows team members of a project to learn new things, share ideas and thoughts and solve any issues together in real-time.

Task2Bill enables you to track the entire work progress of a project from time to time or in a step wise mode through collaboration.

Whether your employees are working from one workplace or are spread across different time zones or places, collaboration allows workers to meet, discuss projects, and carry out specific tasks in a virtual world.

When employees collaborate using Task2Bill, they are saving your time by achieving the end goal in a much quicker and easier way.

  1.   Rob Bassett August 24, 2018

    Popular tools are integrated to communicate with project members

  2.   Willam Philips August 24, 2018

    Task2bill efficiently working with my GoToMeeting and Dropbox.


  3.   Avik Roy August 27, 2018

    The key to a successful project is in the planning. Creating a project plan is the first thing you should do when undertaking any project.T2B is really helpful to achieve Project Goals,Project Deliverables and Project Schedule. Also you must have proper resource management by task management system .

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