Negotiate Quotations effectively with Task2Bill

April 10, 2018 by Task2Bill
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As you sit across the table to negotiate quotations with your clients, you give them room to broaden the prospects of the projects for their business.

Task2Bill offers you the advantage of striking a good and effective deal with your client by negotiating on the quotations given to them.

Negotiating quotations effectively with Task2Bill:

Task2Bill enables you to negotiate on quotations with clients on the basis of the task and time of the project. It enables you to track the quotations and the negotiations on a continuous basis.

  • For effective negotiation, clients can respond via Emails for initiating the process by following these below mentioned steps:
  • Confirm / Accept – Negotiated quotation can be confirmed or accepted via mail.
  • Decline – Negotiated quotation can be declined from the customer’s end. Further negotiations can be discussed in such cases.
  • Comment – Customers can comment on the revised quotations to initiate further discussions.
  • The quotations once approves is converted into billable items, enabling to generate invoices for facilitating quick payments.


Task2Bill enables you to draw your customers into an effective partnership through negotiation, where both of you work together to generate effective payment solutions.


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