How Task2Bill helps to maintain rate charts?

June 6, 2018 by Task2Bill
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The ideal scenario for any business growth would need a rate chart for the time and materials offered to customers.

Set your rate charts with TASK2BILL

Task2Bill, a unique project management tool, enables you to introduce rate charts for Time and Material to reach the desired goals.

Task2Bill gives you the facility to maintain rate charts based on multiple clients and multiple currency.

The services and materials provided to clients based on the time required, are determining factors to generate customized rate charts.

All this can be managed with ease from one single platform in a consolidated manner.

How TASK2BILL gives you the leverage over others?

Introducing the rate chart for Time and Material gives you the added advantage to engage people interested in delivering quality results in the most suitable time.

Advantages of Rate Charts for Time and Materials in Task2Bill:

  • The rate chart maintains transparency with respect to the time, services and materials provided to the clients.
  • The rate chart for time and material gives you the opportunity to get the visible result of the work at each stage of the project.

These ensure the possibility of further business success and expanding your business in the days to come.


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