How an effective To-Do-List improves the visibility of projects?

October 22, 2018 by Task2Bill

In the fast moving and changing business scenario all over the world, users always prefer to remain transparent over others while providing any type of services.

For any business organization that handles multiple projects for different clients globally, having an effective to-do-list helps to remain organized and clearly track the work flow. An effective to-do-list provides visibility into what is being done for projects on a day to day basis.

The to-do-list in Task2Bill adds an element of accountability, enables effective delegation, and is critical for empowering the users to operate more quickly with greater responsiveness. Users can add, organize, and complete tasks in the to-do-list to seamlessly manage projects and head towards the successful project completion.

Task2Bill gives improved visibility with transparency on the to-do-list.

The to-do-list in Task2Bill, a project and billing management tool, helps users manage and monitor the project flow consistently, giving them transparency all through its life cycle.

The to-do-list facilitates enhancement on project by simplifying task management, with a clear view on status, progress and the task assigned to the teams. It gives visibility of the assigned responsibilities, streamlines tasks, and enhances teams to work in a flexible way to achieve project goals together.

The to-do list in Task2Bill also enables to follow tasks and place them in order, based on their priorities. It becomes easier to visualize the project workflow by using the Kanban Boards for different stages on a single board.

The to-do-list enhances the efficiency of projects by managing the priorities according to their needs and requirements. The Task2Bill to-do-list gives a quick view of the progress of tasks through its different stages, recording and updating each and every step performed giving a visual representation.

The to-do-list shows the tasks whose due date is over but has not yet been resolved. The task dependency on due date is visible, ensuring that quick action is taken to complete the task.

It gives a clear visibility of the tasks that are in-progress, the tasks whose due date is on a specified date or upcoming in the next 5 days. It also shows the tasks whose due date is not yet set, enabling project managers to schedule deadlines for a task step.

The tasks which are yet not assigned also shows on the to-do list, thus enabling project managers to assign the right team and individual for the specified tasks. The to-do list also reflects the tasks that have not yet been approved within a project. It clearly gives a view on the task status – whether it is in-progress, on-hold, resolve or closed. With these quick and accurate views, it becomes easier to schedule each step and complete it on time.

How Task2Bill to-do-list benefits all the stakeholders?

  • For user employees: The employees involved within a project get the flexibility to view their own tasks. Each team member can access their personal task list from their personalized dashboard. Assigned teams and individuals update their tasks on the to-do-list thus enhancing their progress through each step of the project. As and when the employees update their task, it reflects on the to-do-list, giving a clear picture of the various phases of task completion. It clearly gives a view of the task status, which stage it is in and how much time is scheduled for its completion.
  • For Clients: Clients have defined visibility on projects, with specified restrictions. Clients can view specific task status on the to-do-list that is pertinent to their requirements. The client and client contacts can get a clear view the not yet approved tasks, the audited or tested tasks and show the resolved tasks on the list.
  • Project Auditors: The project auditors can easily view the resolved tasks from the to-list. He/she picks it up from there to perform the testing phase of the specified task and assures it of its quality and proper functionality without any issues. The project auditor can re-open the task to resolve it, which reflects in the to-do-list.

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