5 important reasons to maintain project transparency

October 31, 2018 by Task2Bill

The projects of every business bring along with it multiple, multi-faceted actions to the table of the organization. A table full of projects with several tasks can only add to the clutter if things are not systemized and maintained with clarity.

Projects, complex or small, have multiple functions to be executed in order to be delivered successfully. The process of systemizing the progress of projects can be effectively handled with transparency maintained within the stakeholders.

The people involved in the project needs to know the vision, mission and strategy of the project. When transparency is maintained throughout the project from start to finish, it enables users to stay within the project plan.

Let’s look at the 5 most important reasons to maintain transparency in projects

  1. Transparency helps maintain openness in team interactions. The project management tool dashboard reflects each and every action performed on the tasks and their status updates. Transparency gives a clear picture of the status of project stages, takes action when faced with challenges and deliver successful projects.
  2. By maintaining transparency, they also have room to improve their performance to deliver projects successfully on time.
  3. A big advantage for users for project management is that transparency encourages more personal and team accountability. This further motivates teams to take onus for their responsibilities and be accountable with regard to tasks and updates, initiating timely delivery.
  4. Transparency in the project progress enables users to track and record the current status of tasks – the completed and unfinished ones. The quick view on unfinished actions enable project managers to take quick actions and expedite the timely delivery. The list of tasks with the specified inputs like assignees, due date, milestones, task stages, completion, and more reflects on the dashboard thus enhancing transparency.
  5. Project transparency gets everyone on the same page and reduces the risk that can occur during the project progress. The incomplete tasks which has missed deadlines are visible on the dashboards, curtailing project risks. Tasks that are not yet assigned or have not been completed before the due date can delay the successful and timely delivery of projects. As all this relevant information reflects on the dashboard, it helps maintain transparency and thus enables project managers to take immediate action to get things moving.

To adhere to transparency at every stage of the project, a centralized project management system like Task2Bill helps organizations streamlined where users can track the progress of each individual task, and the project as a whole.

The Task2Bill dashboard is designed to update tasks in a few clicks, with a strong control in place enabling to gain much better visibility into what’s actually done.


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