What takes team Task2Bill way ahead of the others?

September 4, 2018 by Task2Bill
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“Winning is about having the whole team on the same page” Bill Walton

The team for Task2Bill goes way ahead of others with the project management and invoicing tool that is unique in its own way.

Employees having a variety of expertise, working together towards a common goal – team Task2Bill proved that hard work and rigorous research really pays.

With other players like Basecamp, Asana, Freedcamp doing the rounds for quite some-time, team Task2Bill took up a challenge with a passion.

The challenge to work upon a tool to cater to project management and invoicing needs under one roof. The need to implement simple steps, reducing the need for multiple systems to manage business – makes Task2Bill unique in its own way.

Standing a class apart from other, team Task2Bill worked on something others did not think of.

While the others were providing features in scraps and bits varying from one tool to the other, team Task2Bill walked that extra mile to offer end-to-end functionalities for projects in one platform.

Be it facilitating quick invoicing from billable items, providing rate charts for different clients with multiple currencies and quotations for customers – team Task2Bill explored their years of expertise to create this innovative tool.

Negotiation is one unique feature in Task2Bill not available on any other platform. The team, after much research introduced this feature to ensure a good and long lasting relationship for service providers and their customers.

Some of the best features of this robust tool:

  • Helps you manage all your projects and tasks in one place
  • Enables you to set milestones for your projects and tasks
  • Generate invoices for all billable tasks and materials in multi-currency
  • Customised rate charts in multiple currencies for global customers
  • Easy way for submitting quotations for customers
  • Get payments moving with quick invoices
  • Enables you to keep easy track of the time spent on each task
  • Enables you to keep all project related communication in one place

Team Task2Bill is way ahead of others and definitely a winner because of their unique team work. Team communications, online collaboration, quality assurance for product deliverables makes team Task2Bill a leader in their industry.

  1.   Richard Muir September 5, 2018

    I am using this application for a few months as a trial version and it really good.
    Now I can send an invoice to my client for my offline work.

  2.   Steve September 6, 2018

    Team Task2Bill has really gone a step ahead to prove that hard work and perseverance can go a long way. The team effective provides a product that is not only user friendly but also cost-effective.

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