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December 15, 2017 by Task2Bill
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The need-of-the-hour for cloud storage has evolved largely with time. The ever-increasing volumes of data requires regular tracking and update on a constant basis and needs to be stored and synced in secure places.

Manual storage methods often lead to the loss of data, are prone to having errors and have space constraints.  

TASK2BILL provides you the facility to upload and sync all your data on the cloud with sufficient space for seamless collaboration.


Apart from the 1GB space that TASK2BILL provides, you can avail the feature to connect with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and One Drive which gives you unlimited storage capabilities.

The advantages of TASK2BILL cloud storage:

  • Safe and secure
  • Cost-effective
  • Allows real-time collaboration
  • Control stored data
  • Added protection of your data and information

TASK2BILL gives you the flexibility to select a cloud solution that offers sufficient space for current and immediate future storage requirements.

With the ever-shrinking deadlines for successful and efficient project management and team communication, TASK2BILL empowers you with the right selection of cloud services, combined with the appropriate settings.

  1.   Avik Roy August 23, 2018

    Explore Task2Bill and you’ll be amazed on the things that this project management tool has to offer.One can track the tasks assigned to them. with great ease.Easy to interact about a task. Easy to get into the task for bug fixes and report it to the higher level through the spontaneous notifications. It also allows the project managers to easily assign tasks and issues.Where as client can track single moment of the user interlinked with his project .So basically its resolves thousands of questions comes into the clients mind regarding productivity.

  2.   Mohamed Salauddin September 6, 2018

    Is there any possibility to get more space from task2bill or any package available for the same?

    •   Task2Bill September 6, 2018

      Currently, it provides space of 1GB for free package. It has more space for other paid packages.

  3.   Mohamed Salauddin September 6, 2018

    Is there any package for unlimited users, projects and storage?

  4.   Sam Williams September 10, 2018

    Easy to use Project Management tool Ever

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