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August 30, 2018 by Task2Bill
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Which customer would not prefer to use a single interface to ease out the control of their business projects and tasks?

None, we are sure.

Kanban Board, is such a single interface that is broadly used by customers for the easy management of their tasks.

Task2Bill, with the Kanban Board, enables the use of cards and columns of different task status columns, with simple drag and drop option.

The cards can be dragged and dropped under the respective columns based on the progress of the tasks.

The task columns are as follows:

  • Waiting for approval on estimation
  • New Task
  • In progress
  • Resolved
  • Audited
  • On hold

What are the advantages of Kanban Board on Task2Bill?

  • Visually presented to you in one screen, giving you a quick view of the workflow from one place at any time.
  • Adapt to agile methods which breaks projects into smaller parts for ease of performance.
  • It enables you to perform and customize all actions from the one-point interface.
  • Gives you the flexibility and adjusts to your workflow.
  • Maintain transparency amongst the team members with real-time communication.
  • Gives you increased productivity
  • It equips your team to share the accountability for tasks.

The Kanban board in Task2Bill is very popular among remote and in-house teams for its feasibility and flexibility. Thus there is a constant rise in the users of Kanban Board in Task2Bill.


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